A Foreign Citizen Named Maggie Has Trouble with The Local Wife

Abadikini.com, SURABAYA – Yuwaree Rattanawichai alias Maggie (43), the reporter who accuses Sabrina Vanesha De Vega (34) in the ITE Law case, is not present at the hearing for reading the Decision by the Panel of Judges at the Surabaya District Court (PN).

Maggie has initially asked Sabrina for compensation of IDR 5 billion that has been delivered through her attorney after a tough mediation process and facilitated by various parties.

In the end, she has agreed to receive IDR 200 million in compensation. The money was received on August 5, 2022. Elok Dwi Kadja as Sabrina’s Legal Counsel (PH) shows the receipt at the hearing.

“After receiving the money, Maggie denied the letter she made herself. This was stated after a hearing with the agenda for demands that was held at the Surabaya District Court,” Elok explained to the media crew. Monday, (16/1).

According to Elok, if the peace agreement is revoked by Maggie, the compensation money should also be returned. But until now, the party of Maggie has not contacted Sabrina or her attorney to cancel or return the money.

“Maggie, who also owns Siam Thai restaurant in Surabaya, was also very enthusiastic about attending the hearing, even writing a letter to the Head of Surabaya District Court. However, today the party of Maggie is not present at the hearing when the decision is read out,” she said.

The Siam Thai restaurant bears witness that this is the location where Sabrina, as the legitimate wife, confronted the perpetrator, Maggie.

“Regarding the Surabaya District Court’s decision, we, as Sabrina’s Legal Counsel, declare that we will appeal. Because Sabrina should have received acquittal (vrijspaark) and release decision (onslag). Because everything that Sabrina has conveyed to the victim is the truth,” said Elok Dwi Kadja.

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